Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thankful, Day 6

Today (and every day), I'm thankful to live in this country. The candidates I would have preferred to win might not have won the election yesterday, our government might be in a heap of debt, I might not be very happy with our current leadership, but we still have it better than many other countries.

You know, I know that God doesn't think, "Well, I love so-and-so the most, so I'm going to let them be born in the U.S.A. That is ridiculous, self centered thinking. God needs us and wants to use us wherever we are. He takes care of us no matter where we live. His children in Asia are just as important to Him as His children in Africa and His children in Australia.

However, I'm glad I live here, where we still have many freedoms, can mostly speak our minds without fear, worship in public places, do some good (if we are willing) for those in other countries, and many other things that we might not think about when we're only meditating on the bad news in current events. I'm thankful for our country's heritage, that our founding fathers let God guide them in establishing America. I'm thankful for the soldiers who put their lives on the line and sacrifice precious time with their families in order to help keep us safe. We can see the beauty of God's creation everywhere across this land--the Grand Canyon, the Appalachian Mountains, the coasts, valleys, deserts, every kind of scenery and weather we could imagine. We have so many choices and options that we don't even appreciate. Anyone can vote, anyone can get a good education. I'm not an idealist, but we are very blessed.

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