Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thankful--Day 17

Today (and everyday), I am thankful for my home! Now, I'm pretty sure most people are thankful for their homes, but my home and I have a special bond. I have lived here since I was around 9 months old (with a year and a half break right after I got married). My boys sleep in the bedrooms where my sister and I slept for 20 years. Michael and I my parents' old bedroom, which is not quite as cool, but we have our own bedroom set and painted the walls, so at least it looks different. We cook meals and eat in the same kitchen (slightly updated) I grew up in and play in the same backyard. Michael and I had our first kiss in the same living room when I was 15 (Guess I can tell you now, mom!).  I celebrated so many Christmases, Thanksgivings, birthdays, Easters, and Fourth of Julys here with my first family (What else do you call your parents/siblings?).  There were fights here (hey, we're not perfect!), but there was even more Jesus! I am so glad that when my parents found the house of their dreams, Michael and I were in the position to buy our house. I have so many great memories here and now we get to make even more together!

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