Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thankful, Day 5

So, I've seen some people poking at others who have chosen to do a thankful post every day this month, saying that we should be thankful every day of the year. Well, of course we should! Are we always, though? I think doing these posts is a good way to jumpstart our thankfulness. When I actually take the time each day to sit down and think about the things I'm thankful for, my outlook on the day is much more positive. I focus more on the things God has given than the things I think I should have. With that being said....

Today (and everyday), I'm thankful for the cutest, smartest 21 month old I know--my baby boy.

Look at that angelic face! I could kiss it all day long! Luke gave me the sweet gift of a baby all over again. Another chance to hold a brand new little person and marvel over the miracle of life and love. Another chance to be there whenever I was needed or wanted, even if it kept me from sleeping. Once again, I got to feel the joy of hearing "Ma ma" and "Da da" and the mixed pride and dread of watching his first steps. Now, he is big brother's number one fan and follower. He calls me "Mommy" and is adamant to have his own way! But when I lay down with him at night, he wraps his little arms tightly around my neck and kisses me. Sometimes, he gets up in the middle of the night and comes to our bed, grasping his stuffed Mickey Mouse, and simply says, "Hey". I always lift him right up into his spot between Michael and I and we smile at each other in the dark, glad to have him as our baby for awhile longer.

I'm so thankful to God for you, Luke, and for the joy you bring to us!

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