Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thankful--Day #2

Just so everyone knows, I'm not listing things I'm thankful for in order of importance. That would be almost impossible to do!

Today (and everyday), I'm thankful for Kade, my first born. He is 4 and some days are so rough right now, but nights like last night make it so worth it.

He got out his little guitar and said he had written a song. We asked him what song it was and he said it was called, "Why did Jesus die on the cross? He died on the cross for my sins." He made up a simple melody and was strumming his guitar and singing those words over and over--"Why did Jesus die on the cross? He died on the cross for my sins."

Well, that was enough to make my heart burst, but I decided to Facetime my parents and have him play his song for them. He played it and they were telling him how great it was and how true the words were and he said, "It's a Jesus song and a praise and worship song. One day, I want to be on the stage at church and sing it in the microphone."

Oh, my heart's prayer has always been that he has the heart of a worshipper, not just in song, but in the way he lives. I don't care if he ever plays his guitar from a stage, but I just love his childlike heart, that knows the truth of Jesus and wants to sing it to other people.

So, I am thankful for Kade, who teaches me patience, childlike faith, and the meaning of unconditional love. God works through him everyday, even though he doesn't know it yet.

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