Saturday, October 2, 2010

Say it fast! Watch yourself!

I so wish y'all could hear me sing the title to this post because you would laugh your heads off. I have always aspired to be a rapper and even have a video entitled "Bacon, Egg, and Cheese" that some of you have seen. If you haven't, don't seek it out. Hopefully, my sister has completely removed it from her hard drive.

Anyways, word vomit. Most of us have a problem with it at some time or another, right? You think something and it just comes flying out of your mouth before you can stop it. I probably do it even more than you. Luckily, I am too timid to be so bold to anyone other than family or very close friends. Unfortunately, though, family and friends are the people who are hurt the most when we say things without really thinking about the consequences of our words.

With the internet, word vomit has taken on a new meaning. We have plenty of time to think about things before we type them and there's also a thing known as the "Delete" key, which allows you to type something and then erase it before you send the message to a person or make public whatever you're typing. However, our little fingers seem to fly across the keys faster than we think. Also, since we're not face to face with all of the people who read our words, we're bolder and sometimes more foolish.

I typed a message to someone last week about an issue that was very petty. I didn't really think about it until after I pushed "Submit" and then felt terrible about what I had said. My feelings would have been hurt if someone had sent the same message to me. *sigh* I apologized, but there's no Delete key after your words have been sent. When we talk to someone face to face, there's definitely no delete key after the words have come out of your mouth. You can apologize, but you can't take them back.

We put all kinds of things out there on the internet for the public to see. I, for one, am definitely more verbal on the web than I am in public. However, there are two things that I refuse to talk about on the internet: my marriage (Except about how awesome my hubby is! He really is!) and my finances. I don't mean discussing privately between friends; I mean Facebook status out there for everyone to see public. Because c'mon--you may have 250 (probably more) Facebook friends, but for most of us, they're not all close friends that we want to know your private business. Most likely, people are going to remember what you've said far longer than the issue actually lasts. Our fingers can type something really fast, but the impact will probably last a lot longer. So, even though you're tempted to say it fast, watch yourself!

Oh, you have no idea how much I want to type "yo'self", but I will be ridiculed by the people in real life who read my blog, so I will restrain myself.

And at this point, I've probably said too much, so.........

It's finally October here, so I am going to enjoy this beautiful fall day with my gorgeous boy and my handsome hubby (who is actually home today), after they wake up from their nap. Oh, and also spend some time with my beautiful sister and her charming boyfriend, who are coming home today. Then, I'm going to top off the evening by going on a date with Michael. Tomorrow, I'm going to go to church and make a pumpkin cheesecake. Perfect weekend!

By the way, I have a cool little widget on the sidebar of my blog that tells me the location (just City/State, not IP address or anything creepy) of all the people who read my blog. Comment sometime--or at least send me an e-mail to the address at the top of my blog. I'd like to see who some of y'all are!

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. I'm one of those people IRL, girl, and I HAVE SEEN that Bacon, Egg, and Cheese video!!!! Hahahaha! I'm sure your sister has that golden nugget tucked away somewhere, for safekeeping. Blackmail material, most definitely! lol

    There have been many, MANY times I have wished for a delete button for the words that come outta my mouth. *sigh*

    Pumpkin cheesecake sounds delish. :-9

    Great post!

  2. Hey Leah,
    Just found your blog! Love it, can't take time to read through, but will enjoy when things so down for me to! Thanks for your comment too. You are such an Encourager! (did I spell that correct?)