Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My first time

Kade threw up today for the first time. On me. More than once.
It's strange. I'm usually a contagious gagger. You know, one of those people who immediately gags and sometimes throws up when someone else does.
With Kade, my first instinct was to pick him up and hold him. Poor guy.
I even cleaned it up without gagging.
Ah, and so goes the life of the SAHM.
In all serious, if you get a chance, pray for him today. The picture is him on my lap this morning watching Monsters, Inc. Please ignore my unwashed self in the background.
He's napping right now, so he hasn't been sick in a couple of hours.
Praying for a good, clean, healthy rest of the day!


  1. OH no!!! Leah, I am so sorry! We will pray for him. It may be the nasty stomach bug, do you think? Clorox everything around.

  2. Hoping all is better now. Thinking of him and praying for him today. Ice chips would be good for him, my girls love to eat ice chips.