Sunday, October 10, 2010


Trust is an issue that has weighed heavily on my mind for the last several days.
It's something that is hard to gain, but so easy to break.

In this day and time, it's hard to trust anyone. There are so many stories on the news about murders and assaults that happened just because someone thought they could trust another person. There are so many people who steal and cheat money from people who trusted them. So many children kidnapped. After seeing and hearing all of these things, of course it would be hard to trust just anyone.

On a slightly smaller scale (but more personal)--some humans, apparently, find it hard to tell the truth. Ever. Of course, we all slip up and tell fibs from time to time, but not massive lies that could potentially ruin the lives of others.

If you ever have an experience where someone deceives you in a big way, you may not want to trust anyone at all. However, if you don't trust someone, life is very lonely. For me, it's trust in God. Oh, I trust my husband and my family and my friends, but as humans, they have the potential to mess up from time to time. If I decided not to trust them at all for fear they would let me down, life would be miserable. However, God is the one person whom I can say with all certainty will never break my trust. He will never let any of my secrets slip, never turn His back on me, and never, ever abandon me.

Do you see what I'm saying? It's ok to trust people, but if we put all of our trust in them, we will someday be disappointed.

I have a wonderful group of friends. As a mother, it's sometimes hard to find people you can connect with, people who will listen to you, and people who actually understand you. This group of friends is a mixed bag of hilarious, sarcastic, understanding, intelligent, giving, nurturing goodness! We shared secrets with each other. We shared each others' lives! This weekend, someone betrayed our trust. As a result, we lost something very precious and valuable. But I want them to know, they still have my trust. Even if time proves that one of them messed up (and I believe with all my heart one of them did not), I won't regret trusting. I would be disappointed, yes, but I would not be lost. I still have One who will never let me down.

Ladies (because I know some of you read)--I love you and I trust you. It will all work out someway, somehow. Don't throw your trust out the window, ok?

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