Monday, October 4, 2010

Fourteen months old

I told you I wanted to do a picture post as soon as I uploaded my pictures to my computer, so here it is.

It's hard to believe my baby is 14 months old on Wednesday!

This is Kade singing "Happy Birthday" to his Poppa (my dad) on his birthday.

Sharing birthday cake with Grandad. Yum!

Kade and I at the park one warm, sunny day before it got cold. Yeah, last week.

What a beautiful smile! He loves to play outside!

Enjoying his new swing.

So fly.

Auntie C and Kade equally engrossed in Veggie Tales.

Kade glaring at the ducks who tried to attack us when we fed them at the park.

He is so close to walking that it's scary. He actually has taken a couple of steps, but nothing consistent. Everyone keeps saying, "Oh, once he starts walking, you'll wish we wasn't." He's into everything already and crawls about as fast as a person could run, so I don't know if there'll be a big difference.

Auntie C took a lovely series of pictures on Saturday of Kade eating Corn Pops out of a family size box. (What can I say?! I was out of organic bunnies!) I'm going to have to get her to help me do a blog with them. To those of you who wouldn't think I was the most terrible mother in the world They are hilarious!

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