Friday, August 13, 2010

I know He's for me....and you

Yesterday was the first day of school in Wise County, and the significance was not lost on me.

Kade woke up at 4:00 and refused to go back to sleep, so I was too sleepy to realize was day it was--until 7:30 am when we were both lying on the couch, Kade on my chest. I laid there, watching the slow rise and fall of his back as he breathed, perfectly content and comfortable and safe. Then, it hit me. Instead of rushing around, trying to get both of us ready, probably getting irritated, dropping him off and then crying in my car in front of the school until it was time to go in, I was right where I was meant to be.

I say this, not in a bragging way, because nothing of this was my doing, but as an extremely thankful mom.

For weeks after I went back to work, I sat in my car and cried and then went to my classroom and cried. I did my job, all while yearning to be at home with my sweet boy. After a few days (okay, maybe weeks) of whining around, I started praying.

One of my favorite songs during that time--and still--was Kari Jobe's "You are for me".
It says:

I know that You are for me
I know that You are for me
I know that You will never
Forsake me in my weakness
And I know that You have come down
Even if to write upon my heart
To remind me who You are

I put a sticky note on my computer monitor that said, You are for me, and every morning (and afternoon, and evening, and middle of the night), I prayed, God, I know You're for me. I know You're not against me. I know You want me to have the desires of my heart.

I thought there was no way. I thought things were impossible, but He made a way.
I am so thankful. When I whine about not having a lot of extra spending money (Oh, boo hoo, right?), I look at Kade and remember what God has done. I remember that He is for me.

And not just me, but you.

He is on your side! He's for you! Believe it!


  1. That is so awesome! You're so blessed to stay home with Kade and cherish these moments! Because he won't be little forever! And when he gets 5, you will have a new beginning..just as the day he was born.

  2. I am so glad that you and your sister know that He, our God, is for you and will always be for you! It is so precious to us that you are with Kade and have made the sacrifice to give him yourself, your time, and your wisdom. The paycheck you are not getting is small in comparison to the "salary and fringes" seen on his small face when he smiles, kisses his mommy, and shows his love because he is loved! Yes, never ever forget, girls, He is for us!