Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I think first birthdays are special to every parent.

I remember my parents talking about how many people were at my first birthday party and how many people loved me.

When we got home from Kade's party Saturday night, Michael looked at Kade and said, "Buddy, you are blessed!"

And he is.

Not because he had a big party and not because he got presents, but because there were so many people there who loved him. They weren't there for the free food or the swimming; every single person was there because they care about and love Kade.

These are the kind of friends who would be there in a split second if I needed them. They would do anything for us, no strings attached. We could go months without seeing them and feel like we had never been apart. We have thousands of memories and a million inside jokes.

Friends are a blessing. Though we have one great Friend, it's nice to have some here on earth.

To all of ours--Thanks for making Kade's first birthday so wonderful!

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