Friday, August 6, 2010

August 6, 2009

Today is full of so many milestones.
12 months of life for Kade.
12 months of being a mother for me.
12 months of breastfeeding.
12 months of constant change in my opinions and my thoughts.
12 months of a closer relationship with God.
12 months of experiencing unconditional love in the flesh.

The best 12 months of my life.

I wish I could explain all the indescribable ways my heart has been changed in the last 365 days.
I wish I could fully express the joy of being a mother and the intense love that wells up everytime I look into his face.

In the split second that Kade was pulled from me and I stared into his unblinking eyes, I caught a little glimpse of what Mary must've felt when she realized that she was holding Emmanuel--God with us.
At that moment, he was the purest form of innocence.

I never thought I wanted to be a mother, and now--I realize it is my life's calling.


You changed my life, like winter to spring,
You changed my mind--about everything.
You changed me from a girl to a woman
Just a wife to a mother
Made my husband a father.
You changed my heart, from full to overflowing.
You changed my plans, without even knowing.
You changed all my motives--I do it all for you.
You changed my dreams, yet they've all still come true.
You changed my whole world the second you came,
And now that you're here, I'll never be the same.

Happy Birthday, baby.

I love you,


P.S. Don't grow up so fast. Let me hold you a little longer.


  1. Happy Birthday Kade and Mama! I so enjoy reading your blog. Your faith is inspiring!

  2. Awww...this made me cry! Happy birthday, sweet Kade, and blessings to you and your family, little mama. ;-)

  3. What a beautiful post - I have so enjoyed watching you and sharing with you the joys of becoming a mother this past year! I am so proud of you and Michael and how you are allowing God's love and wisdom to guide your raising Kade. Thanks for letting us share so many amazing times with you all and him. He has taken our hearts by storm - our sweet Mister Kade! Happy 1st Birthday!

  4. What a blessing Kade is to Poppa and Gramma. It's so exciting to see what God has done since the time we were believing for our own miracle. He is so faithful and we can't wait to see what the future holds because He holds us in His hands! Poppa