Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mamaw B

So, I've told you a little bit about my Granny lately, but I haven't told you about Mamaw B.

"Ah, they're both grandmothers," you say, "How interesting could that be?"

Ah ha! You obviously never met Mamaw B.

And if you have met her, you know what I'm talking about.

This picture is several years old (ok, probably 12 years old), but you get the idea.

Mamaw B is my mother's mother.

There are so many things to say about mamaw that it's hard to know where to start.

First of all, she was in L-O-V-E with Jesus. She was also fascinated with angels. She had a huge glass curio full of angel figurines. She had two different guardian angels (I forget their names right now) and every time we would leave the house, she would say, "Ok, angel #1 (I forget his name), you stay and watch the house and angel #2 will go with us!"

She only went to school until the 6th grade, but she was a very gifted writer and poet and she loved to read. She belonged to just about every book club there is and I am the honored recipient of many of her books. We had much of the same taste in literature (except for the Harlequin romance novels).

Mamaw's favorite place to eat was Kentucky Fried Chicken and she loved to take us there. When I was little, we always got Chicken Littles, but as I grew up and developed a more sophisticated taste, we switched to chicken tenders and potato wedges. My sister always took full advantage of mamaw's love for KFC and mamaw had absolutely no problem with that.

One of Callie's favorite memories of mamaw is the time we were staying at her house and mamaw decided we should have a dance contest. She had the radio blasting on the local country music station and she said that she would give a nickel to whoever could dance the longest. Well, I'm not much of a dancer and didn't have much stamina either, so Callie won the nickel!

Everybody was mamaw's friend, even if she'd never met you in her life. I would give anything to have her outgoing-ness (yes, I made that word up). If you met her once, you remembered her forever. She would always get Jesus into the conversation somewhere. She wanted everyone to know about Him. She didn't care if it made you uncomfortable or even mad. We could all probably take a lesson from that.

Mamaw passed away a few months after Michael and I got married. She was in the hospital for several days beforehand, and I had left to go home for the night when my dad called and said I should probably come back. It was a stormy night and right as I got to the door of her room, the thunder clapped, the lightning flashed, and she was gone at the exact moment. It was fitting that her exit to heaven would be to go out with a bang!

As blessed as I am to have a granny, I was equally blessed to have a mamaw. She loved all of us so much and always added such joy to our lives!

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  1. I love this post! It is a great tribute to my Mom and yes, we could all stand to be as in love with Jesus as she and as open about telling others. She was one of a kind and I miss her so very much. I hope that kade will remember these kinds of things about his Gramma and have funny memories of our times together. I am going to attempt not to cause the "mister" to stick as a nickname:) My family is such a blessing to me. Jesus has given us a precious gift in each member and our gift is to love and enjoy each one just the way He made them.