Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Betty Crocker

Lately, several people have commented to me that I have "turned into a Betty Crocker" since staying home. I've taken it as a compliment, translating "Betty Crocker" to mean the epitome of domesticity (Yeah, that sure is me! HA!)

I was thinking this morning, though--what have I done that would make me seem more "domestic" than before? I've made dinner for my husband (almost) every night, I've made and delivered a couple casseroles to a hurting family, I clean my house every week, and, unless I'm missing something, that's about it. It's more than I was able to do while working, but it hardly makes me Suzy Homemaker. I still take the "Betty Crocker" comment as a compliment, but really, I'm just trying to be the wife and mother God has called me to be.

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