Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"I Will Be Here"

Today, I heard this song on the radio while driving home from shopping. You know how different songs make you feel different ways? Maybe a song that was playing on the radio when a boyfriend broke up with you always takes you back to that moment. Maybe you used to listen to a certain song when you were hanging out with your friends and it always reminds you of those good times. Well, this song makes me feel safe. I've always considered it my parents' "song." I remember them always listening to it and singing it to each other when I was growing up. On second thought, I guess it's not particularly the song that make me feel safe but knowing that the lyrics embody my parents' marriage, and that makes me safe.

This is them almost 33 years ago, on their wedding day. Don't they look happy? Young and in love? Ready to start a new life together? I'm sure at this point they had no idea where their lives would take them--that 33 years later they would have 2 daughters, a son-in-law, and a grandson. All they knew is that they loved each other and had made a commitment to stay together "for better or worse". And they have.

Growing up, my parents argued, but I think they would have done me a disfavor not to argue. How unrealistic would that have been? Everyone has disagreements and they always made up, apologized in front of my sister and I, and then prayed together. It was and is obvious that they love each other.

I was never afraid that I'd wake up in the morning and one of my parents would have left us. I was never afraid I'd have to choose which parent to live with or be shuffled back and forth every other weekend. I just knew we were a family, stuck together for life no matter what.

So almost 3 years ago, when I got married, I expected the same thing. I've tried to bring the lessons I learned from my parents' marriage into mine. Pray together, never ever use the "d" word (divorce), and make up quickly. I want Kade to feel the same security from his parents that I felt from mine. I want him to know that daddy and I will always be here for each other and for him. I also know that that level of commitment and security comes only through a continuing relationship with God. He is such a huge part of marriage!

Our lives change and we change, but our love will never change, except to grow!

Thanks mom and dad, for being such a good example of what a godly marriage should be like!

I love you!

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  1. Your mom and dad are definitely an inspiration to us all. They are precious friends to Bill and me. This is a great tribute to them...I love it!