Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sugar and spice and everything nice

So, as I mentioned a few posts down, all signs point to this baby being a girl. We're thrilled! We would have been excited either way, but this adds a new level of excitement since it's something totally different. If you have a boy, you know the feeling of letdown when you go somewhere to shop and see the two racks of boys' clothes next to the ten racks of girls clothes. We've bought Kade the cute miniature Air Jordans and the Baby Gap outfits, but it's just a different kind of cute than headbands and bows. The grand total so far? Three pairs of girl themed leg warmers, a pink swaddler, a pink and white flowered gown, and a pink baby wrap carrier. Oh, and I have a pack of crocheted headbands sitting in my Etsy cart. (don't worry about Kade. He didn't get left out. He just didn't get anything pink)

Honestly, though, when I started thinking about having a daughter, I got kind of nervous. Kade and I have a pretty easy going relationship (except when he tries to bounce on my belly at night before bed) and I imagine it probably won't ever be too strained. The worst I can imagine with Kade is, "Don't drive your car so fast and pick up your room!" Mothers and daughters, though--a lot more complex. I have never figured out if it's the two female dynamic or if Satan just doesn't want women to get along. Probably both. I want to be a mother my daughter can talk to and wants to talk to. I don't really know how to foster that type of relationship, except through plenty of prayer and just being open. I don't know. Y'all pray for me, because I know this will be a whole different journey.

Right now, just let me dream of pink and zebra print, ok? Oh, and sweet, little Addison.

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