Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Lasts

One of my favorite authors is Karen Kingsbury.  She writes mainly Christian fiction, but she also has a couple of children's books, one of which is called "Let Me Hold You Longer". Remember the children's book, "I'll Love You Forever"? Well, this one has the same effect. I cannot read it without sobbing.

Usually, we celebrate all the firsts in our children's lives, but this book is about their lasts. Often, we don't even recognize the lasts in our children's lives--the last time we rock them to sleep, their last bottle, their last little league game...you get the picture. Often, the lasts pass us by without us realizing they will never happen again.

Well, this is the last week of Kade being one. I refuse to think of him as being two until Saturday--and I may deny it then. It's hard to believe that almost two years have passed since we met him in person for the very first time. He has brought so much joy into our lives and I cannot imagine our life without him.

Lasts are sad (to me anyways), so to distract from this looming milestone, I'll show you some pictures of a first--Kade's first time at the beach last week!

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