Monday, August 29, 2011

It's a New Day

This morning, as I dragged myself jumped out of bed, I thought of all the things I needed to do--wash the sheets, finish painting my kitchen, start dinner in the crockpot, etc., etc., while keeping a 2 year old entertained. Plus, I'm out of coffee, all my lessons for the day got cancelled, and I'm pretty sure we will not have everything ready for a new baby, in, oh, four and a half months.

Then, I thought of what I could be doing. I don't mean that in a "na na na na boo boo" way, but this is the life I wanted and I am undeservedly blessed enough to be able to live it.
All those days when I looked longingly out the window, wishing I was with my baby and home--this is it. I'm not going to wish that, grumble that, or work that away.

Hello, Monday! Welcome to our world!

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