Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are you listening?

I was just rocking Kade to sleep and praying (and by the way, he's still not asleep; his daddy has taken over) and something struck me, so I wanted to get it down while it was fresh.

I've been praying for a certain person for a long time (and don't try to guess who it is, it doesn't matter). Years, in fact. I've prayed for this person to change, for God to soften this person's heart, etc., etc.

Tonight, the matter came up again while I was praying and God spoke something new to my heart--or maybe I was just actually listening this time. Often, He wants to tell us things far before we actually hear them--we just haven't been paying attention.

He said, Stop praying for this person to change and start praying that I will help you to love them just the way they are.

Wow, what a revelation! God will have to work on this person Himself--I really don't have any control over the situation--but I can choose to love them no matter what. I need to stop focusing on what I think God should do and start focusing on what I actually can do, which is to love.

After all, that's what God does. Even when I'm headed in the absolute opposite direction of where He intends for me to go, even when I'm stubborn as a mule and refuse to do what He says. He doesn't force me to His will. What would that teach me? He just loves me, and He waits.

So tonight, I choose to love.

Night, all!

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