Wednesday, December 30, 2009 vomiting Day!

So, today is mine and Michael's third anniversary! It's hard to believe we've been married for 3 years and even harder to realize it's almost been nine years since we started dating! Happy Anniversary, babe! Thanks for the best nine years of my life!

Why is it "Happy no vomiting Day"? Well, since you asked, this is the first December 30 in 4 years that I haven't thrown up.

Quick history:
-December 30, 2006-Our wedding day. Got married, left for the honeymoon, consummated the marriage, and spent the next 3 days throwing up.
-December 30, 2007-Our first anniversary. Woke up at midnight on December 29 and threw up for the next 3 days. Michael ate his anniversary dinner of a Subway sandwich in the car so the smell wouldn't bother me.
-December 30, 2008-Our second anniversary. 6 weeks pregnant. Everything made me gag. Tried to be a good sport and go out to dinner at Roma's (an Italian restaurant), but had to leave as soon as we got the food.

Which brings us to today, December 30, 2009. I was up until almost 3 with Kade. I think I'm getting a killer sinus infection. We can't really leave Kade to go anywhere, so I'm making a roast for dinner. There will probably be no *ahem* celebration, but......


And for that, I'm eternally grateful!

Happy 3 years sweetheart! I love you forever!

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  1. Hahaha! No puking is always a reason to celebrate! Hope you enjoyed your anniversary, even if you do have a sinus infection.

    Feel better soon!