Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today is the day....

Today, at 12:00, I started my new career! The description sounds awesome: Work from home in your pajamas, no degree or experience needed. On the other hand, the hours are 24/7, it can be extremely messy, and the pay--well, there is no check. I think I'll enjoy it, though.

I had always wanted to come back and teach at my alma mater. I used to drive by during college, and say, "That's going to be my classroom one day" and a year after I graduated, it was.

I never dreamed I'd have a baby at 24. Michael and I had a five year plan. Enjoy being married, buy a house, work for a few years and save, and THEN have a baby. What made me have a change of heart after only a year and a half, I don't know. Ok, I do. It was God who spoke to my heart one summer night and gave me the desire to have a baby. Then, as soon as I saw Kade's sweet face, He gave me the desire to stay at home with my son. It could only have been Him because I have always been adamant that I would never stay at home with my children.

I cried almost every day for weeks after Kade was born, dreading the day I would have to return to work. I knew it was "impossible" for me to stay at home. I wept at the altar every Sunday. I remember the day I had to leave him. I sat in my car in the parking lot at work, and cried, "Jesus! Jesus!" because I didn't know what else to say. Then, I started praying. I realized that if this was what God wanted me to do, he would provide. God is for me; He's not against me. He wants me to have good things.

Amazingly (though I shouldn't be so amazed), my husband was practically handed a new job that could more than provide for our needs--right in time. Funny how amazed we are when God does what we ask Him to do.

Today, I drove away from my "dream job" with no regrets. I sat in the parking lot and thought about how blessed I have been to work there, with wonderful people and (mostly) wonderful students. Now, I start a new chapter in my life with my new dream job!

Thank You, Jesus!

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  1. I'm so happy about your new career...the pay may be somewhat lacking, but the benefits are awesome! ;-)

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