Friday, April 30, 2010

Almost 9 months

My son is almost 9 months old!

He has two teeth.

He crawls.

He pulls up on everything.

He says da da.

He can clap.

He can wave (he just choses not to).

He likes vegetables better than fruit.

He has gorgeous blue eyes and a dimple (Lucky!).

He likes to pull up on a cardboard box that's sitting in his room and yesterday, he pulled a pack of diapers from a shelf, set them in front of the cardboard box and used the diapers as a step to get on top of the box.

Smart, I tell ya.

I think his favorite part of the day is when his daddy gets home. We usually go to the door to meet him and as soon as he sees daddy get out of the car, his face lights up. Of course, when Michael tries to get him, he wraps his arms around my neck in a death grip, but he's still grinning.

Unfortunately, he's reached the age where he can be bribed. I say unfortunately, because I always thought I wouldn't do things like that. You know: Ok honey, if you just stop crying, I'll get you any toy you want or If you'll just stop hitting your sister, I'll buy you an ice cream cone. Ok, it's not that drastic. He has developed a liking for Gerber's puffs and as long as I continue to give them to him, he will give me time to do whatever I need to do. However, if I don't give him another one soon enough, the screaming starts.

I felt bad about this until yesterday. I was trying to give a piano lesson to my cousin and the only way to placate Kade while I gave the lesson was for my cousin's mother to feet Kade puffs while I held him. She asked me once, Is it ok that he's eating this many? and I said Sure (don't worry Gramma. It was only 10 or so.) because really, what choice did we have? After the lesson, I looked down and 5 or 6 of them were on the floor. I guess he spit them out. So, I didn't feel so bad anymore.

Right now, he is napping. I love naptime, but after an hour or so, I start missing him.

Actually, I think I'll go wake him up check on him. Then, maybe we'll go on a walk.

He's a fun guy, my son.

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  1. Kade is such a cutie! I love to see him smile. I'm guilty of making faces at him in church (instead of paying attention to the sermon), all so I can catch a glimpse of that big grin of his...just confessin'! ;-)

    When the boys were just a bit older than Kade, I used to put them in their walker or high chair and put tiny bits of cheese or turkey slices on the tray. It would take awhile for them to peel the pieces off the tray and eat them, giving me time to finish whatever I was doing. It worked great!