Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A New Thing: Part I

Remember not the former things,
Neither consider the things of old.
Behold, I am doing a new thing,
Even now it is springing to light.
Do you not perceieve it?

Not that long ago, I was a very happily married English teacher whose favorite pasttime was lounging on the couch with her husband. We spent our money on whatever we wanted and went where we wanted whenever we wished. We planned on having a family someday--two children, preferably a boy and a girl. I would teach during the year and be home with them during the summer. We would be able to provide them with everything they wanted and needed. It would be a perfect life.

Most importantly, we were both Christians. Oh, how great is feels to tell people, "I'm a Christian. I'm saved." We went to church on Sunday morning and played in and led a praise and worship band. Then, we were free to go about our business until the next Sunday. We didn't do anything bad. In fact, we prayed for our meals every evening at dinner.

Life was good.

Then, not that long ago, our lives were turned upsidedown. We had a son. And suddenly, the very moment I saw his face, every idea I'd had about motherhood--and everything else--was gone.

Everything about my life was completely new. Everything is different, but nothing has ever felt so right.

I've never seen myself as very maternal. I don't even know if I'd ever even held a newborn before my son was born. What to do when a baby cries over and over and can't be consoled? Uh....where's his mother? Oh, that's me. Talking to baby in high pitched baby talk voice? Weird.

Suddenly, I'm living for someone else. I'm not catering to my own whims and wants. It's not about me. It's all about him.

It's not about me. It's all about Him.

Sound familiar to anyone? Yeah. It's what I had been singing about all along, but not living. I had become so complacent, so comfortable with my life. It was reaallllly nice, but it feels even better to give it all up.

God is doing a completely new thing in my heart and my life and the life of my family. I won't go into all the details right now, but the ideas I had about my family and children and raising my children are slowly....okay, pretty quickly....flying out the window. If I was me a year ago, I would think I was crazy, but you know what? I've never felt so much joy.

God is doing a new thing.

And I love it.

(to be continued....)


  1. I love it, Leah. Motherhood truly changes us. I can think of no better thing to draw us closer to God, to teach us patience and what it truly means to die to self. And after knowing what it feels like to love your child, we get a glimpse of God's love for us. I'm glad you've started a blog! I look forward to reading more.

  2. Awesome! I thought what you said Sunday was so true. Once we become parents, it gives us an additional insight into the wondrous love God has for us. The ability to sacrifice His son...to allow him to go through the agony of the crucifixion...it's more than I can wrap my brain around!

    Looking forward to reading the rest of this post!

    Love you,