Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Putting it into Practice...

As soon as you speak something out, the devil always tries to test you on it (Jesus never tempts us to sin-James 1:13). I'm tempted and tested everyday, but here's an example that just happened (literally, like, 5 minutes ago)

I was cooking some carrots on the stove and I heard something spill. I turned around and Kade had spilled his whole, entire drink on the table and floor. It was dripping from a puddle on the table to a puddle on the floor. I felt anger bubble up in the very pit of my stomach and then, something said, "Stop!" I stopped and in that moment, I heard a line from a song that was playing on the radio. It said, "The Enemy, he has to leave, at the sound of Your great name". The Enemy was the one who wanted that anger to bubble up and come spewing out--over a cup of tea! A ridiculous cup of tea that could easily be mopped up. I immediately felt all of that anger leave me. I went and got a towel and helped Kade clean it up. And you know what he said when he finished and handed me the towel? He said, "Mom, I love you", he hugged me, and that was that. Thank you, Jesus, for your patience and grace.

I'm glad that when I make messes, He's there to help me clean it up, cover it with His blood, and then forget it, forever. He doesn't look down, throw up His hands and say, "Are you kidding me?!? You made that mess again?!?" There's no mark left, not even a sticky residue (like the spot on my floor right now), nothing. Thank You for being so patient with me, God. Help me to make fewer messes! I love You!

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