Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Family traditions

Sorry for the blogging break! We've been getting ready for a new baby at our house and enjoying celebrating the holidays. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We sure did!

Our family has so many traditions during Christmas and of course, they've changed and evolved over the years as things have changed and people have gotten older. One of my favorite family traditions has always been getting together with my dad's side of the family on Christmas Eve. We have an awesome, fun, goofy, crazy family who likes to eat and laugh and talk together. Last year, both of my grandparents passed away--my grandfather the week before Christmas--and we just couldn't get it together. My immediate family--my mom, dad, sister, husband, and son--did our own thing at mom and dad's house, but naturally, it wasn't the same. This year, my aunt and uncle decided we should get together at their house and celebrate. We had a great time, and  even though it's not the same without granny and grandad, we all had a wonderful time together.

You know, things change, people leave, but the most important things stay the same. Grandad always insisted that we read the Christmas story either before or after opening presents. When one of my cousins was older, grandad started having him read. We would all gather around in the living room, grandad with his arm around my cousin Matthew as he read the story of the first Christmas. This year, after we opened presents, there was a sudden hush as Matthew settled the Bible with his son Andrew on the couch and said, "Andrew is going to read the Christmas story." We all listened intently to the passage we've heard over and over. I'm sure grandad was proud--as he should be--that his tradition of sharing his faith with his family, will continue to be passed on.

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